Post #4: Best Buy– Where You Can Exchange Stuff or Change the World

I recently saw a Best Buy commercial with a major “Boom” factor. Soccer balls turned into lamps, touchless technology, boots that allow you to walk up walls– crazy stuff! What excited me was the ingenious innovations that are being created with the technology available to brilliant engineers these days. What didn’t excite me was the plug for “Trade In-Trade Up at Best Buy” at the end. Check out the commercial and tell me what you think:

Maybe I’m being too critical, but my initial impression is that this commercial should have been used to push something about Best Buy’s cutting edge technology or perhaps the ability to obtain all necessary technology for these projects in one place (or on one website). Now, I wouldn’t want Best Buy to advertise something that isn’t truthful, but this ad doesn’t say, “Trade in your old stuff,” to me. It says, “This stuff is amazing. Look at what people are doing with it.”

My overall impression of this commercial was dashed by the poor advertisement at the end, but all of the innovators featured in the commercial were things that I wanted to know more about so, of course, to the Internet I went. On YouTube, I immediately found the Best Buy channel, where all of their full-length commercials are archived. All of their “Future Innovators” are featured as well as the slightly older commercials “Mobile Innovators” (remember “we created Words with Friends”?). When you take the time to watch the longer features, they end with something so much more appropriate! “Making technology work for you,” “When the technology is right, anything can happen,” “A better way to a better world,” are all slogans that both identify and solve a consumer problem and create a significantly stronger ad campaign. See?

I enjoyed watching all of these innovators’ stories and think that they help position Best Buy as a driver in the technology market (at least in the non-hyper critical consumer’s mind). However, they need to match their innovation campaign with the appropriate marketing slogan. It’s not trading in that these innovators represent, it’s infinite technological innovation.

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